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Understanding E-Mailing and other online marketing options

Making a mailing (or an e-mailing in its electronic version) can have good results if, before sending messages, we have carefully studied where the target audience is and we have carried out an adequate prior segmentation. While, on the contrary, carrying out a mailbox or mass mailing without further planning can become a very ineffective direct marketing strategy and even counterproductive for the good image of the company. Check theĀ mailing lists in Barrie to plan your marketing strategy.

Letters at home

We have all complained at times about the amount of advertising that we find in the mailbox at home and that inevitably ends up, without being read, in the garbage can. However, careful sending of personalized letters can have another result. In an age when no one writes personal letters anymore and when all communications are always from the bank, the electric company and the gas company, finding a friendly letter can brighten our day and be very effective for the sender, even if its goal is to sell us something.


With telemarketing, something similar to mailboxes happens. You have to study and select very well the lists of people to call so that the results can be minimally effective. In addition, for this form of direct marketing it is necessary to take extreme care of the schedules so as not to contact at untimely hours or disturb anyone. And, above all, you have to make sure that the same person will not receive another call if they have already answered negatively the first time.

To reinforce, you can send direct mails with messages of free product offers. For example, if you buy the plane ticket promotion today, you will have free accommodation in tourist hotels on the weekend. In the same way, promote unknown offers among your potential customers. Noting in the messages the loss of the opportunity for not deciding to buy this week; or announce that the promotion of the gift coupon with the first purchase will end this end of the month. Offers that must be presented in a well-written communication, with a diaphanous, short, precise and sweet text.

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