The advantages of personalized envelopes in the company

The advantages of personalized envelopes in the company

Although it may seem that communication by letter is doomed to disappear in the age of instant messaging and Internet connections, postal correspondence is still key in the business world.

If we want to invite our clients to an important event, a product presentation or the opening of a store, sending a beautiful invitation in a personalized envelope says a lot about us.  For this reason, it is essential to have representative envelopes to the philosophy of our business.  You can create your own personalized envelope printing in Hickory, NC.

Printing an envelope with the logo, the company name or simply with the corporate colours helps to stand out and be much more visible to our customers.

Among the main advantages that this offline marketing strategy allows us, we highlight the following:

Make the brand visible:  The clear difference from the rest of the competitors in the market.  Our logo or slogan will draw attention and improve brand visibility.

Professional image: Choosing to personalize envelopes in-house on quality paper provides a better impression for our customers and ensures a more professional image.


Purchasing generic envelopes that include a label with the business name and address of the company is another advantage that saves money and generates greater profits.

Creativity: The wide variety of models and options on the market allow you to design tailor-made envelopes and choose more seductive alternatives.  If you want your investment to be much more profitable, use colored envelopes that attract attention.

Give importance to the receiver: We all like to feel important, and for that reason, an envelope allows you to include the name of the client written on the outside.  This conveys the feeling that the company has cared about him and considered him.

Remember the saying that “you only have once to make a good impression”, for that reason, the first image is what counts.  Receiving a white envelope without identification is boring, even if the advertising inside is very well designed.  You have to print envelopes according to what is inside to arouse curiosity.  In short, personalized envelopes are a cost-effective alternative that improves business branding and avoids the effort of handwriting shipping addresses because sticker printing saves this task.

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