How to save on the phone bill | Loan

Although the economic situation improves according to macroeconomic data, the truth is that the situation of millions of Spaniards is still worrying due to the precariousness of wages and lack of employment, so saving has become an indispensable premise to be able to subsist month by month.   In this regard, today in Jessica’s blog […]

Apartment valuation for mortgage: how and for what is done?

It may be that someone does not know that the appraisal of an apartment for a mortgage is not only made in the case when the borrower, in order to obtain this mortgage, offers a real estate loan to the bank as collateral for financial guarantees. What else is needed for this procedure? The cost […]

How to Save Money Without Big Effort | Credits

In times of lean cows we have to grab our wallet and look at all the sources of cutting costs. In this context, we leave you with a set of tips to save money every month. And the best: you can save money without much effort. Organize Your Financial Life The first step to saving […]