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Although the economic situation improves according to macroeconomic data, the truth is that the situation of millions of Spaniards is still worrying due to the precariousness of wages and lack of employment, so saving has become an indispensable premise to be able to subsist month by month.


In this regard, today in Jessica’s blog   We want to give you some tips so that the domestic economy is not resentful in these most difficult times and we will focus on the keys to save on the phone bill .

Family spends an average of about 860 euros per year on the phone


Each Spanish family spends an average of about 860 euros per year on the phone , which amounts to 72 euros per month. However, this figure has been constantly increasing in recent years as a result of the generalization of Internet use in the home and the increase in smartphones that seem to be an essential element for anyone involved in contracting voice and data services . And despite the existing competition, and offers or promotions, it is possible to save up to 30% more by following some recommendations that in many cases due to lack of time or ignorance are not made.

To do this, three important concepts must be clear:

  • What will the phone be used for and identify the strictly necessary services.
  • Comparison between companies can give us many advantages.
  • Streamlining the use of data or calls will allow the consumption to be lower and therefore, the contracted rate or the amount to be paid.

In this first point, we will have to analyze the latest telephone bills to identify possible services that are not necessary or even that are not being used but are being charged. You should also see the number of calls, duration, messages, data volume …

Next, it will be necessary to consider whether services can be suppressed or lower rates on both television channels, number of calls or data. And although it seems a tedious job, the truth is that the savings produced can be quite considerable.

Comparing between the different companies


We see how there are better conditions in one or the other, so once we choose one of them, the change should be negotiated by negotiating a possible non-permanence and being very careful with the rates that are signed.

At this time, the current service provider is likely to make a counter offer , so it is a perfect time to receive better conditions without having to change companies.

Another recommendation is to ask for a price for a combined plan since, including all telephone, Internet and television services, the offer may be more attractive than hiring it separately. However, be careful with this because they usually offer us more services than we actually request.

Other important tips related to everyday life are the following:

  • Before making a call, think about what number you are going to make to choose the most economical system. For example if it is a landline to do it from another landline that is probably cheaper or free than if we do it from a mobile.
  • Short calls are more expensive because of the call set-up, so if possible, they can be replaced by an SMS or a message through an instant messaging app.
  • If you have a different plan according to each hour of the day, you have to try to adapt to those cheaper hours to make calls.
  • In the case of traveling abroad, activate the roaming service and find out their rates. Avoid making maximum use of the phone and take advantage of places with free Wi-Fi and do not forget to disable data roaming .
  • Setting a fixed monthly expense will also help to control the phone bill. There are some companies that offer up to the service by SMS when it reaches the established limit.

Examples of savings are giving up pay TV or buying soccer matches or movies individually


Some of the most common examples of savings are giving up pay TV or buying soccer matches or movies individually. Reduce the speed of the Internet connection and use more of the home WiFi service to download videos or heavier material. Hiring an integrated package of landline , internet, mobile and television will be more profitable than hiring each service in different companies. In the case of additional low-use mobiles, it can be integrated into the package at lower prices or even hire a mobile rate with virtual operators that have the coverage service of traditional companies but with cheaper prices.

In summary

Following all these tips, saving on the phone bill each month can be quite considerable. In the case of not being able to face this type of expenses in the case of being unforeseen for making many calls a month, you can resort to the request of fast loans with which we can obtain the necessary money in just a few minutes and be able to pay the bill instantly. To do this, we recommend that you enter Jessica , the latest technology platform that has updated information on this type of financial products so that they can be compared in minutes and always choose the option that best suits each need.

Apartment valuation for mortgage: how and for what is done?

It may be that someone does not know that the appraisal of an apartment for a mortgage is not only made in the case when the borrower, in order to obtain this mortgage, offers a real estate loan to the bank as collateral for financial guarantees. What else is needed for this procedure?

The cost of an apartment / house is also of fundamental

The cost of an apartment / house is also of fundamental

For a bank, the cost of an apartment / house is also of fundamental importance when purchasing this particular housing on credit by its client. It is understandable, because the financial institution in the event of a malicious non-payment of the mortgage first thing to take from the borrower mortgage real estate. In addition, in most situations, when a home loan is issued, an approximate loan amount is first specified.

And only then on the primary (now almost always in the primary) market, a suitable living space is selected. And the bank needs an independent assessment of this dwelling and a rigorous report, which thoroughly determines the market and liquidity value of an apartment or private house. Only after the organization will give the client a specific amount of money.

What you need to know about the appraiser

What you need to know about the appraiser

The choice of the appraiser and the payment for his services is the sole task of the borrower. Although no one restricts the client in the choice, but it is recommended that the firm engaged in the cost analysis of real estate, be accredited by the bank in which the client intends to take a mortgage. Since each bank may have its own individual requirements for evaluation reports. In addition, any such report must comply with the requirements of the Association of Russian Banks (ARB) and the Association of Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML).

Plus it is a guarantee that in the event of a miscalculation or an error of a specialist, the money will be returned to the customer in full or in part (depending on the grossness of the error made in the report). If an independent company is not accredited by the bank, then the borrower will have to attach all these details to the report. Appraisal of an apartment for a mortgage, as a rule, is ordered after the first preliminary interview with the creditor bank was conducted. To roughly know what kind of housing you need to evaluate.

So that did not happen that the customer paid for the analysis of the apartment worth 2.2 million rubles, and the bank subsequently agreed to issue a mortgage only in the amount of, say, 1.5 million rubles. Price list for appraisal organizations varies depending on the city and circumstances. Minimum – 2,000 rubles for one report. But this amount can grow up to 6 000 rubles.

Required documents

Required documents

Order an assessment in the first place is necessary only when the borrower is going to pledge the bank already existing real estate. So, such things as the approximate cost of the appraisal service and the term for its implementation can be negotiated with specialists and by telephone. By phone, you can leave a preliminary application for an agreement on the assessment. When meeting in person, the client must provide the selected organization with a set of documents. In these circumstances, photocopies will suffice, but they must be notarized.

  1. Passport and customer contact details.
  2. Registration and technical passports of the estimated property (issued in the BTI).
  3. Desirable scheme of plan of apartment and / or house.
  4. For buildings built before 1970, additional reference will be required that the building will not be demolished or reconstructed.
  5. The document that justifies the need for assessment: proof of ownership of housing, an extract from the bank on the possible issue of a mortgage, evidence of equity participation, etc.

Since this article implies the assessment of the apartment for the mortgage, in the future it will be meant this type of residential real estate. Since apartments are the most common variant of living space in the Russian Federation, appraisal firms already have their hands full on their cost analysis. Almost always, the procedure itself inspection apartment takes no more than a couple of hours.

Two types of cost of an apartment, how they differ and what are important for the borrower

At a predetermined time, the evaluator leaves at the address. The specialist conducts a comprehensive visual inspection of the apartment, photographs all the rooms, studies the house and the surrounding area. It is important to mention here because the real estate valuation for a mortgage consists of two levels. The fact is that real estate has a liquid and market value. Liquid value is determined by using the cost approach. That is, the appraiser finds out how much money will be needed for the construction of a similar object.

Here as a supplement add a comparative (analog) and income approaches. Comparative approach means monitoring all similar transactions in the real estate market to determine the average price. The income approach determines how well studied real estate can rise in price in the market in the near future (from six months to 3 years). What is the liquid value for? It defines the objective value of housing.

How to Save Money Without Big Effort | Credits

In times of lean cows we have to grab our wallet and look at all the sources of cutting costs. In this context, we leave you with a set of tips to save money every month. And the best: you can save money without much effort.

Organize Your Financial Life

The first step to saving money is to organize your financial life. Know your earnings and your expenses. Know your debts and your assets. In short, gain control over your money.

Attack All Non-Essential Expenses To Save Money

Attack All Non-Essential Expenses To Save Money

If you want to save money without jeopardizing your quality of life, you should first tackle all the expenses you do not consider essential. Once you have made the arrangement of your financial life you will certainly know where you spend your money and what expenses you can eliminate quickly.

Negotiate Your Contracts

Negotiate Your Contracts

At Good Finance we specialize in negotiating credit agreements. Being a source of significant savings, it is not the only one. You can negotiate your telecommunications contracts, insurance contracts, your gyms, among many other expenses. Adding all these expenses you will find that you get saving of at least € 100 every month (not considering the reduction in credits where you can save on average more than € 300).

Save Money on Supermarket Visits


To save money at the supermarket, one of the great sources of expenses in the family budget, you should keep in mind some tips:

  • Make your shopping list, which list must follow strictly;
  • Stick to the white marks that have as much quality as all the others;
  • Make payment with cash, which will allow you to have a greater perception of loss;
  • Join the promotions (they are usually weekly) but keep in mind that often the product on promotion is more expensive than others that are not discounted;
  • Be careful about the featured products. Usually the highlighting does not mean discount, but your eyes will be drawn to these products.

We’ve given you some ideas that will save you a lot of money every month. This money can then be used for savings products such as savings certificates, for example. We challenge you to introduce us to your savings tips. How can you save money every month.